A bit about me!


A bit about me!

My interest in photography started 2009. It just happened that the first photograph I took was of a Whistling Kite . It fuelled my fascination for Raptors and is now the reason I love bird photography. I have been very lucky to have sold some of my images and it's always a wonderful feeling knowing that someone has a photograph of mine on their wall.

I use a Sony RX10 Mk4 with a 24-600mm eqivelant lens when I'm photographing birds. I particularly enjoy panning, which I suppose is useful, seeing as my favourite subject is regularly moving!

I have never particulary enjoyed using a tripod, and photographing birds is better done free hand (for me anyway),

I am always challenging myself and my goal is to understand better how to take good photographs as a result of knowledge, rather than luck!

Sue Rodwell

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